“Maxima grupė” sets a goal to stop selling caged hen eggs in the Baltic States

“Maxima grupė” takes a consecutive action of social responsibility and sets a goal to stop selling caged hen eggs in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia by 2025. Poland based company of “Maxima grupė” announced a similar decision in November last year.

“As active and responsible members of the communities we operate in, we care about the quality, price and production methods of all goods traded by “Maxima grupė” retail chains. We feel growing concern of consumers about the animal rights and well-being of animals both in the world and in the Baltic States. Following that, today “Maxima grupė” has set a goal to stop sourcing eggs from caged hens by 2025 in all Baltic States”, - says Robertas Čipkus, CEO and board member of “Maxima grupė”.

According to R. Čipkus, decision will be phased out gradually, making every effort to ensure that neither customers, nor suppliers are affected adversely and the transitioning is managed effectively. Increase of demand and supply of eggs from non-caged hens, educational campaign and close cooperation with manufacturers, public authorities and other groups of interest are seen as priorities at the first stage.

All kinds of eggs can be purchased at “Maxima grupė” retail chains: organic, barn and free-range. As required by the laws, eggs have special marks indicating their production method. Caged hens eggs are marked with number “3”. Along with barn and free-range varieties, more than half of the eggs, the supermarket currently sells, come from caged hens.

Early in 2017 “Maxima grupė” companies have taken steps to reduce and eventually stop sourcing eggs from caged hens by 2025. For example, educational campaign was launched in stores to better inform customers. As well, meetings with producers, suppliers, other retail companies, animal rights organizations and public authorities were initiated to seek for the best market-wide solutions. “Maxima grupė” is open for further cooperation with all groups of interest.

About “Maxima grupė” At the moment “Maxima grupė” controls retail chains under brands Maxima (in Baltics states), Aldik (in Poland), T-Market (in Bulgaria) and an electronic online shop of food and daily consumer goods Barbora. In year 2016 consolidated turnover of Maxima Grupė amounted to 2,693 million EUR.


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