Dalius Misiūnas appointed new chairman of the board of Maxima LT

Maxima Grupė, which owns retail chains in five countries, has appointed two new members to the board of its Lithuanian subsidiary Maxima LT: Dalius Misiūnas, the chairman of the board and CEO of Maxima Grupė, and Margarita Plešakienė, head of human resources at Maxima LT. Dalius Misiūnas was also named chairman of the board of the subsidiary. Kristina Meidė, who was chairwoman of the board until now, will continue as a member of the board and as the company’s CEO.

“At the beginning of this year we approved a new Maxima Grupė strategy through 2025, and for implementing it close collaboration between the group and the companies in the countries is very important. Maxima LT is the group’s biggest company, where the most important changes and initiatives start. With this step we’re strengthening collaboration between the Maxima Grupė and Maxima LT teams in order to create the basis for the effective implementation of the goals of the strategy: improving the quality of customer service and creating a better work environment,” said Dalius Misiūnas, Maxima LT’s new chairman of the board and the CEO of Maxima Grupė.

According to him, an important priority in the new stage of operation will be forming a unified corporate culture and empowering employees. For this reason, the head of human resources at Maxima LT has also been appointed to the company’s board.

From now on, the board of Maxima in Lithuania will be comprised of 7 members. Besides D. Misiūnas and M. Plešakienė, it also consists of Kristina Meidė, CEO of Maxima LT, Gabrielius Morkūnas, chief financial officer, Vilma Drulienė, chief commercial officer, Irtautė Ščerbavičienė, chief operating officer, and Ernesta Dapkienė, head of communication and corporate affairs.

Currently, 247 Maxima’s stores are operating in Lithuania. This year Maxima Grupė plans to open 120-140 stores in all markets, most of them in Poland.

In Maxima Grupė‘s strategy, which was approved in February, rapid international expansion is foreseen, with investments of nearly 100 million euros a year through 2025 – at least 600 million euros in total.  These investments will go to strengthening the network of stores in existing and new markets and to developing new sales channels. The aim is for group’s turnover to grow by 7 percent every year.

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